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Weight Management demands for Too Much Cooking!


Weight Management demands for Too Much Cooking!

Weight Management demands for Too Much Cooking!

Weight management has become very crucial all over the world, as individuals are gaining weight due to unhealthy eating habits & poor lifestyle choices. At the same time many are falling prey to obesity due to genetic disorders or illness. However, the goal remains same for all “Managing their weight”

The solution for this lies in 2 steps, 70% Nutrition & 30% physical activity. 

However, individuals find both of them quite difficult as well. Exercise is a task when you can’t really move out in the lockdown, where as junk food tempts you the most. Even after doing this, if you are still unable to lose weight, then going on a diet is really necessary. 

When an individual is pit on diet then more than following it people find it difficult to cook it Most of them face the following difficulties:

  1. Too much cooking,
  2. Many ingredients needed,
  3. I don’t have so much time to cook,
  4. I don’t know to cook,
  5. Need to prepare separate meals,
  6. I am too occupied to do everything, 

All of them are looking for solutions where they can find the easy way to lose weight and follow a diet for the long term as well. 

Strict Diet based restrictions are many & it is very difficult to follow as well. Also while we follow the same, we also don’t understand whether:

  1. We are getting the correct nutrition, 
  2. It is balanced diet, 
  3. Are we meeting all the requirements, 
  4. And is it safe or clean?

So the solution for all of this will be to accept modern nutrition and move towards Oral Nutrition supplements like protein shakes, where in weight loss management we have a different section, known as Meal replacers.

Meal replacers are nutrition supplements which are consumed in the form of shakes. They have many health benefits as:

  1. Safe & convenient. 
  2. Easy to prepare, 
  3. Travel friendly, 
  4. Low cooking time, 
  5. Budget friendly, 
  6. No preparation time, 
  7. No post meal clean up

Hexagon Nutrition has come with such a brand, known as Obesigo, it is a meal replacer & helps in reducing up to 4-5 kgs of weight per month, if consumed appropriately in regular diet. 

  1. It is low in calories,
  2. 100% whey protein 
  3. Enriched with 28 vitamins & minerals 
  4. Contains 4.8 grams of fiber 
  5. And has Garcinia Cambogia

It comes in 3 flavors: Chocolate, vanilla & mango. It can also be consumed by Bariatric patients, post & pre surgery. 

So if you are looking forward to a Weight Management Program, then do follow the 3 steps program of Obesigo + Exercise + Lifestyle modification. 

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