Views of leading Nutritionist

Dr. Santosh Karkera, M.D

Apart from having only 175 calories, Obesigo is a truly balanced formulation that helps with weight management without compromising on nutrients that are essential in a balanced meal. This makes it an ideal meal replacer.

Mrs. Richa Yadav

The most important thing in a meal replacement product is its nutritional composition. On the front, Obesigo fills all gaps by being high in nutrition, as well as low in calorie – making it the perfect BLCD meal replacement choice.

Mrs. Rekha Kamath

Obesigo is a scientifically formulated shake that provides satiety for as much as 4 hours without compromising on any essential nutrients. Obesigo weight management plan helps me and my clients manage weight and fulfill nutritional requirements like no other meal replacement supplement.

Payal Kapoor

Obesigo soup is energizing, delicious and nutritious – a perfect snack that replaces the indulgent evening cravings as well as so called healthy snacks that still have hidden calories. Obesigo weight management plan has helped my weight loss clients achieve their goals without taking unreasonable efforts.

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