Obesigo is a high fiber, high protein, low calorie meal replacement that is clinically designed for burning calories through Diet Induced Thermogenesis(DIT)

high protein

Increases satiety and diet induced calorie burning to help weight loss

Low Fats

Only fats that help achieve negative energy balance and prevent weight gain

Low Carbohydrate

Low Glycemic Index Fructose to prevent fat synthesis and weight gain

High Fiber

Ideal fiber ratio to induce weight reduction and increase satiety

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Obesigo's Balanced Low Calorie Diet is an ideal meal replacer to power you through a busy day. Use it as a convenient snack to kill your unhealthy cravings, or as a high protein low calorie meal replacer

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Health on the go


Complete nutrition


Feel satiated for longer


Perfect mid meal snack

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Success Stories

Obesigo Meal Replacement Shake

Having a desk job, I was steadily piling on extra kilos of weight but didn’t have enough time to put together elaborate healthy meals that required umpteen ingredients. Obesigo has been an absolute saviour – simple, quick and completely hassle free! I have managed to lose almost 4.5kgs in less than 3 months. The visual results have been so motivating that I am back to my morning yoga sessions to supplement this process! Thank you Obesigo, for making me fall in love with myself and my health again.

Shamita Singhi | 31 yrs | Pune

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