About Us

Hexagon Nutrition has a strong global legacy of more than 25 years with quality and innovation at the core of our philosophy. With a presence in over 70 countries, our customized products have a worldwide reach. A scientific approach with clear focus on disease management through holistic nutrition has allowed us to establish our footprint in the healthcare space.

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About Us

The name PENTASURE is derived from the five major nutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals. These nutrients are required by the human body to sustain, grow and flourish. Thus, PentaSure, nourishing and improving millions of lives globally, is a brand that is trusted and recommended by top doctors and leading hospitals across India.

Obesigo is the result of our continual efforts to innovate using our rich experience in the nutrition field and our state-of-the-art facilities that enable us to formulate top-quality consumer friendly products. Obesigo is another step towards disease management as it helps in weight management, pre and post-bariatric care.

Our Vision

  • Good Service
  • For Community
  • Long Term Development
  • Save Our Planet
  • Help People

Our Promise

  • Sustainable Relationship
  • Renew Commitment
  • Provide The Best Solution
  • Profitable Relationship
  • Adapt With People's Needs

Our Mision

  • Change The Habits
  • Best Quality
  • Think Big Do Bigger
  • Stablity & competence
  • Safer & Better Life
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Happy Clients
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What's clients say about us

People love our products and 90% our customers are returned customers. We believe that only way to make a long-term business is helping people.

Great quality! Very Satisfied!

I try to regularly work out and eat right, but it can be tough. But Obesigo made it easy and smooth. First of all, it accommodates my current Pilates and office schedule, so there's no scope for being overly hungry and having a cheat meal. Second, I could see instant results with meal replacements and diet plan, I actually lost almost 3.6 kgs in a month, which was tough even with my workout. I am extremely happy with Obesigo; it is a must to lose weight and get fit.
Pritam Sahai
23 years | Noida

This is the best weight loss product

Working from home, managing the kids, and trying to lose weight seemed like an impossible task for me, but Obesigo came to me as a miracle. With these delicious and healthy drinks, I lost 5 kgs in 3.5 months, which seemed impossible for me with food alone. Plus, I feel fit and energetic even at the end of the day, due to which I have started working out. Cannot thank Obesigo enough!
Shanti Mehta
34 years | Pune

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