About Mid-meal snack for 4pm craving

Obesigo is high fiber, low calorie mid meal snack clinically designed for burning calories through Diet Induced Thermogenesis (DIT).

why should i choose obesigo as mid-meal snack?

The choice of mid-meal snack is critical in controlling calorie intake and managing your weight. High calorie and high fat Indian snacks like Samosa, Wafers, Fries, etc. can lead to lethargy and extra calorie intake, leading to weight gain. Obesigo offers the flexibility of a " 1-minute snack" as it is convinient to prepare, contains only 127 calories and is enriched with fiber for further assisting with weight management and obtaining a feeling of satiety

What does obesigo mid-meal snack taste like?

Post-meal satisfaction is one of the most important challenges of a low calorie healthy diet. Obesigo's enrched fiber content maintains ideal levels of serum insulin which helps control the appetite. Moreover, the fibers result in slower gastric emptying, thereby increasing the feelinng of fullness. Thus, a fiber enriched formulation, along with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) ensure satiety.

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There are no specific precautions to be taken while taking Obesigo. However, Obesigo Weight Management Plan workd best with one of our weight management plans which also includes few minutes of mild exercises in the day. Also, it is recommended to consume 13-15 glasses of water a day while on the Obesigo Weight Management Plan.

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