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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips : 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

5 Healthy weight loss tips - obesigo

Weight Loss Tips : 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? The key to weight loss is to find an approach that fits and keeps you motivated. The second is to take your time as sustainable weight loss happens slowly and steadily. Prepare for any necessary lifestyle changes to achieve your weight loss goals.

A person who has a successful weight loss will have a positive shift towards healthier eating habits rather than following fad diets. Switching unhealthy foods for healthy ones permanently, rather than for a few weeks, will help you lose weight with other numerous benefits.

However, the desire and drive to eat, satiety choice of food, digestibility, and absorption in the body, metabolism of nutrients, and ability to exercise are the factors that determine body weight. It is more beneficial to focus on long-term health habits to enhance your health and result in sustainable weight loss.

We have highlighted some weight loss tips that deserves attention!

  1. Taking nutrient-dense foods

A healthy diet should consist of nutrient-dense foods rather than energy-dense foods. A simple way to create a meal plan is to ensure that each meal comprises 50 % fruit and vegetables, 25% whole grains, and 25% protein with a fiber intake of 25–30 g daily.

Trans fats should be eliminated from the diet, reduce the saturated fat intake and replace with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids – good fats.

Nutrient-rich foods include:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fish
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and Oilseeds
  • Whole grains (millets, brown rice, oatmeal)
  • Chicken

Foods to avoid include:

  • Foods with added oils, butter, and sugar
  • Processed meats
  • Baked goods and pastries
  • White bread
  • Fried and Processed foods
  1. Stay active

A low-calorie diet accompanied by moderate exercise is an effective strategy for weight loss. Aerobic exercise increases daily energy expenditure and is particularly useful for long-term weight maintenance. Exercise is extremely beneficial in weight loss because it helps to regulate appetite and increases the basal metabolic rate.

Schedule your exercise routine according to your convenience – walking/skipping/cycling/jogging/floor exercises/workouts/outdoor activities.

According to a study published in July 2019 in the journal Obesity, exercising consistently at a particular time may help you maintain your weight loss.

Keep Moving!

  1. Controlled portion sizes or frequency of meals

A recent study from the University of Ottawa found that on a low-calorie diet, there was no weight loss advantage to splitting calories among six meals rather than three.

Another research found that switching from 3 daily meals to 6 small meals did not boost calorie-burning or fat loss. In fact, the researchers concluded, that eating 6 meals a day actually made people crave more.

The best way to achieve weight loss consistently is by following the fundamental mantra: 

Energy In < Energy Out (Weight loss)

Energy In = Energy Out (Balanced)

Regardless of how often you eat, the daily calories matter a lot.

Measure Portion size!

  1. Restrict carbohydrates for weight loss

A balanced diet comprises 65-70% of carbohydrates in regard to weight reduction the source should be complex carbohydrates. It inhibits over-eating, provides satiety, and prevents constipation. E.g., millets, whole fruits, salads, pulses.

Exclusions are simple carbs (refined flour foods, fried, junk, pastries, and carbonated beverages. 

Say no to simple carbs!

  1. Consuming lesser calories

If you’re going to prefer a smaller meal routine, the biggest danger is overeating. As far as the health aspect is concerned, reducing calories means reducing the quantity of food intake. One might leave out important food groups in the attempt and ultimately end up with a pile of deficiencies. 

In weight loss, calories are not our enemies, but unhealthy sources of calories are! Follow a healthy plate recommended by USDA (fruits, veggies, complex carbs, proteins). The simple strategy is mixing portion control with protein and fiber to fill you up in case of weight loss.

Whether you’re having the standard three meals or small frequent meals, getting the most nutrient bang for your calorie buck is the key. If you have trouble with portion control or you don’t have time to prepare healthy snacks, you can prefer three main meals per day.

Right calorie count matters!

The primary way to lose weight is to reduce the total intake of calories rather than to modify the proportions of carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the diet. Weight loss of 5 to 10% of body weight over six months is a reasonable goal to start seeing health benefits.

People can achieve their weight loss goal by restricting their total calorie intake to about 1,000–1,600 calories per day. A dietary intake of fewer than 1,000 calories per day cannot provide sufficient nutrition.

6. Obesigo – Weight Management Plan

Obesigo is a high fiber, high protein, low-calorie meal replacement shakes that is clinically designed for burning calories through Diet-Induced Thermogenesis (DIT) for weight loss individuals. Additionally, it is a low-carbohydrate, total food replacement for the dietary management of obesity, providing only 203 calories per serving, with total nutrition to maintain health and aid in weight loss.

A high protein formula with Whey protein isolates and whey protein hydrolysate, enriched with MCTs, and a good amount of fiber.

Why Obesigo?

  • Obesigo is a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake with the benefit of controlled portions per servings that too with a caloric deficit. 
  • Whey protein in Obesigo decreases appetite and increases fat oxidation. A higher level of fat oxidation results in more fat loss because the body breaks down fat molecules to provide energy. In overweight individuals, increasing dietary protein intake has a significant effect on reducing body fat. 
  • It also contains Garcinia Cambogia extract that reduces body fat and inhibits fat synthesis.
  • Obesigo’s unique formula of low GI carbs combined with high fiber aid in weight loss. Being high in both protein and dietary fiber also aids in keeping you fuller and satiated for a longer duration. 

You can lose weight with healthy and sustainable results by replacing one meal with one sachet of Obesigo. Also recommended to try our delicious Obesigo flavours – Chocolate, Mango and Vanilla!

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