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Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Managing weight is a task which everyone have to give attention to, at least once in a lifetime. However, if you do not make sure that you are managing it right, then you can fall prey to many medical as well psychological issues in life.

Being underweight comes up with malnourishment, deficiencies of macronutrients as well  as micronutrients. Also, it can give symptoms like lethargy, weakness, giddiness & low on energy at times, in women it can also lead to hormonal imbalance & irregularity in periods.

On the other hand, if you are Obese/overweight, you are more prone to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, pcos, high cholesterol levels, in women it can also lead to hormonal imbalance & irregularity in periods and many more.

Thus, it is always better to be at your ideal weight & maintain it throughout your lifetime. Now this does not mean that you always need to be on a diet, however you need to focus on healthy eating 70% of the time & focus on doing physical activities at least for 45 mins -1 hour a day.

It has been observed that 90% of the individuals do not follow a proper diet & find it very inconvenient or a tedious task to follow or maintain a diet, as the word “DIET”, itself lands them up into a lot of cravings. So,  for this population let’s get into some Tips to manage your weight effectively.

  1. Watch what you are eating. Always be aware of what is coming in your plate or what you have munching all day. Even if it is a small pc of chikki or a large meal like burger & fries.
  2. Maintaining your water intake well, staying hydrated throughout the day is the best thing you do to take care of your bowel movements, digestion process, skin & hair. Right hydration also helps in losing weight.
  3. Eat in portions. Always eat only ¾ th of your hunger & eating capacity, to stay active & in control.
  4. Choose what to eat & how much to eat when filling your plate. Salads can have a higher percentage on your plate as compared to sweets & fried items.
  5. Be colorful. Always add different colours, fruits & vegetables, in your diet. To make sure that you get all the nutrients & vitamins in the diet.
  6. Go easy on unhealthy foods & junk, while eating out or at a party.
  7. Plan your meals. This habit will save you 95% of the time, as the tendency to eat wrong/unhealthy foods, and inappropriate items most of the time reduces tremendously. As you plan your meals, you can decide on a variety of foods for the week. Include many items in the diet & tackle with impromptu cheat meals as well.
  8. Plan your cheat meals, when you are aware that you are going to have a heavy meal & eat out, then accordingly you can decide what to eat & what to skip in the day.
  9. Do not skip your meals, especially your breakfast, as it is the first meal of your day & it gives you a kickstart for the day.
  10. Mid meal snacking is important, as it helps to manage your eating gaps as well & you do not land up into starvation.


Now even after knowing all this & having a proper diet, the main issue we have is cooking all the stuff & maintaining all the meals. As carrying so many tiffin boxes & preparing so many items is always a task. Thus, we have come up with a Meal replacer which will help you to maintain your weight as well as it is easy to prepare.

  1. Obesigo is a meal replacer, with 100% whey protein.
  2. It comes in 3 flavours & is very easy to prepare & carry.
  3. You just need to dilute the same amount of water as per directions on the sachet & consume it immediately.
  4. It is low in calories & enriched with 28 Vitamins & minerals.
  5. Contains 4.8grams of fiber & has extract of garcinia cambogia.

It does not need any pre preparations & post cleaning up things, Plus you just need to carry it along with you & it occupies minimum space in your bag.

Click here to download the PDF file.


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