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Obesigo Weight Loss- Monthly Pack

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Weight Loss Shake Obesigo -Monthly Pack

Leading nutritionists’ choice for weight management, now available in a monthly combo pack, so you don’t lose out on your health goals. The monthly pack consists of 4 Obesigo weight loss shake each with 7 sachets of 58g each. (4 packs x 7 sachets = 28 days)

  • Delicious Flavor for Weight Management
  • 203 Calories Only: Up to 66% lesser than the average Indian meal
  • 3 times more protein than average Indian meal with 24g protein per serving
  • Delicious taste with good quality fats (MCTs) that are absorbed faster
  • Low Glycemic Index carbs (Fructose) that prevent unhealthy cravings
  • 6 types of fibers with the ideal ratio of insoluble and soluble fiber (3:1)
  • 27 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

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Mango, Chocolate, Vanilla


  1. Who all can consume Obesigo ?

 Individuals who are aiming for weight loss or maintaining their weight in a healthy way can consume Obesigo. In addition, individuals who have undertaken bariatric surgery ( can use Obesigo pre and post surgery).

  1. What is the recommended daily dosage ?

1 sachet of Obesigo, can replace any 1 major meal in the day, example Lunch & dinner.

  1. How much weight loss is expected in a month ?

On a average, In 1 month an individual can expect to lose 2-3 kgs of weight with Obesigo along with a healthy diet and exercise regime. It will also depend on the initial weight of the person.

  1. What are the other lifestyle modifications to be followed along with Obesigo ?

Lifestyle modifications like physical activity of atleast 45 mins daily, quitting smoking & alcohol, along with some healthy diet modifications can be followed for better results with Obesigo.

  1. Is Obesigo safe for use in Diabetes ?

Yes Obesigo is safe for Diabetes. The high quality protein, higher quantity of fiber and low Glycemic Index Carbohydrate in Obesigo helps maintain the blood sugar levels and prevents blood sugar fluctuations.

  1. How is Obesigo different from other weight loss diets ?

Unlike usual weight loss diets, Obesigo is a complete weight management plan which can be used as a meal replacer. It is a low calorie High Protein formula enriched with Garcinia Cambogia. Obesigo contains gold standard 100% Whey protein along with high fiber, low carbohydrate. This unique formulation helps maintain lean muscle weight, prevents fat gain & helps control hunger pangs.

  1. Are there any contraindications for this product ?

Pregnant and Lactating women should consult a healthcare professional before opting for Obesigo. Children looking for weight loss should also consult their Dietician/ Physician/pediatrician before opting for Obesigo. There are no documented side-effects, however, we recommend reading the ingredient label to prevent any allergies for sensitive individuals.

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