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Healthy Sugar Substitute – Kaltame FREE


500 in stock

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500 in stock

1 Boxes of 60 sachets each 1 sachet = 1g


Sugar substitute Pentasure Kaltame is a scientifically formulated sugar substitute that offers the benefits of sweetness while controlling carbohydrate intake and blood glucose levels.

You may have heard your friends or family say, ” sugar substitute are bad ” or “Artificial sweeteners are worse for your health than ‘real’ sugar”. However, after more than 45 years of research, there has been no credible source of evidence to prove that artificial sweeteners can do any harm to a person if used appropriately.

People with diabetes need not always need to avoid sugar — they can enjoy the sweet stuff, in moderation and satisfy a sweet tooth every once in a while.

Pentasure Kaltame is a high-quality zero-calorie sugar substitute by Pentasure Nutrition (a division under Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.).There are many sugar substitute to choose from, but they’re not all calorie-free and they vary in terms of their impact on blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, Pentasure Kaltame nutrition supplement is 100% calorie free formulation which contains Sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Sucralose is made from sugar but contains no calories and is much sweeter. All the good, without any of the bad.

Pentasure Kaltame is a Sucralose based product which maintains low blood sugar level and it is a great sugar substitute , Pentasure Kaltame zero calorie sugar-free is available in form of sachets, pellet and jar. It can be used in making sugar free ice cream, sugar free dessert, sugar free bakery products and mainly for maintaining low sugar low-calorie diet.

Sucralose cannot actually be broken down by the body, which is why it won’t lead to a rise in your blood sugar levels. Pentasure Kaltame will simply pass through your digestive systems without being digested, so they provide no extra calories, making it ideal for diabetic patients.

Sweet times, any time, any where, ideal for entire family.


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